To be clear here, Anyone who uses the term “Undocumented Immigrants” is necessarily a moron. If for one second you believe you can placate the immigrant communities or thinking-people, who realize that this term is simply the PC form of “Illegal Aliens”, then you my friend are in dire need of mental help.

Yes, Illegal Aliens should be deported, but first they should taken from our prisons and put to work building our WALLS between Mexico and the US.  If they feel the punishment to be too harsh, let them build the wall between Canada and the US, which would be a whole lot longer.  When they are finished, they can go “home”, even with their non-naturalized children, born to non-citizens, who are also NOT legal Unites States citizens.

Of course if we need more help, we can always use guest workers to build the walls, and they can even earn a reasonable wage, before they are also deported.  Hopefully, they are already on the list to become Legal immigrants, or else, too bad, get in the back of the line.

That’s not the whole problem, even if the wall was difficult to traverse, and ALL illegals were deported, we would still need a policy to keep them out and give them no reason to come back…illegally.  Anyone who hires illegals should be put in jail for a minimum sentence.  You can force them to sponsor the aliens they hire and be responsible for them until they become legal, almost like marriage…just a thought.

Here’s an idea, if we removed all of the illegals from this country who are working in jobs “no American would take” we would NOT have an excuse to give a helping hand to those who won’t take a job.  Don’t tell me I’m not compassionate.

Our next Congress and President should fix this problem directly.  Stop playing games with people for votes.  Legal immigrants would love their families to come here to enjoy the American Dream, but MOST play by the rules only to be spit on by Libtards and Progressive morons whose only goal is their control of everyone else.

Happy Thanksgiving America,

no matter where you were born…(and are living here legally.)


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