Of course this isn’t happening the way millions of travelers describe it. (BS)  There are hundreds of opinions, stories, video, images, jokes and cartoons on the subject.  I’d hope I can link as many of those items as possible so I’ll try at least a few to get the ball rolling.  But, did anyone ever really stop to think that this symptom is a smoke screen for the real problems???

Why are there such extreme “security measures” in the first place?  Because we’re afraid of terrorists killing people on planes, or worse, using planes as missiles against hardened targets like on 9/11.  These processes need to be perfect to prevent this from happening, but they aren’t.  They can never be.  The only way to prevent it is to stop using airplanes.  Well, with everyone complaining and threatening to drive, take a train or stay home, this could be the effect the “terrorists” actually wanted in the first place.  Make us work less, play less, travel less, and even shut down the airline industry.  Although the TSA and Homeland Security may be willing accomplices, the fact is that the real enemy is still our enemy, radical Islam.

To the point.  Get rid of illegal aliens.  Stop terrorists before they get on transport headed to the U.S.  Scan packages, crates, luggage, and containers travelling within and toward the U.S.  Verify that people are who they say they are (no plastic masks.)  Kill Osama Bin Laden and anyone who works for him and anyone who takes his place, and that’s just a start, of course.  There are plenty of other solutions no one wants to know about like allowing passengers to follow the second amendment and carry weapons…unless they are suicidal.  Scan clothing for chemicals associated with banned substances or volatile chemicals, etc.

There will always be a way to beat the system, whatever system is in place.  To be politically correct yet grope young children or keep nude photos of anyone and everyone that passes through a body scanner is worse than unethical, immoral, and illegal, it is unconstitutional as well.  Why don’t we shoot someone carrying a bomb in their underwear, on-sight?  Because it would be unethical, immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional.  Or is it because it is politically incorrect?

For now, the only answer is to shut down the airlines in the only PC way we all know how.  Support the unions and regular business fliers and refuse to fly or at least refuse the body scan (opt out) for the public groping option that will shut down security screening and/or delay flights.  Here is some more thorough reading on the topic…

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I suggest business travelers try to work more with technology and conduct remote conferences or work remotely via telecommuting.  Vacationers might consider driving since trains are expensive and buses, lets just not go there.  Rent a car if necessary, especially if you would have done it at the airport of your destination anyway.  Then, fight back by having PROFESSIONALS run TSA, make the Airlines take care of their own security, and remove PC from security once and for all.  What are your thoughts?  Who has a related site to link here?  I’m not looking forward to MY next flight…are you?


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