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3rdpartyblogger @RattlingTheCage @dboss @profsteed Those who think Obama=Commie or Bush=Nazi should read this article@

Dude/Ma’am, you’re a commie.  A Statist, Liberal, Fascist, Socialist, Apologizer.

As I said, Nice Charts.  My Math, Computer Science, Political Science, History, and Six Sigma background will come in handy as I rip them to shreds.  As will my frequent travel to study history all over the US including Colonial, and Civil War era towns and villages like such places as…Washington DC.

What you need to understand is that there are not 2 or 4 or 8 sides to an issue or debate.  The number eight (8) on it’s side, or infinity (∞) is closer to reality.  Only there is a finite number of people on this planet and in any given region, so we’ll have to just agree that there are more than a few.

Your problem (and people like you…which will become absurd in a moment) is that you like to divide people into groups.  It’s like I do to solve a complex problem.  Break it down into known, quantifiable parts, components, pieces then solve them.  In this case, you point out that some of us don’t know what the Hell we’re talking about.  In my opinion, and by the way I prefer mine to yours, that’s just my way, I really don’t care what you think or what you say.  This piece of drool you put out must have taken someone a long time to ponder.  It just doesn’t matter.  Cooperation and the Truth are the answer to our problems.  Division will only help continue the corruption.

Here is a counter point. Right is not the opposite of LEFT, it is the opposite of wrong.  You see, somewhere over the centuries it got lost in translation.  There can be Right, good, decent, ok, better, poor, and just plain wrong.  There are many degrees of wrong-ness, but there may be only one Right.  Right enough is what we’re trying to achieve in everyday life, since we’ll never achieve anyone’s level of Utopia.  What I learned a long time ago is to figure out when something is broken and then FIX it.  If the garage door won’t open, and you can’t park your Volvo or Prius in your warm, dry garage, you get it fixed.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is what I’ve learned to live by.  Yes I still make things better when I can, but only WHEN I CAN AFFORD IT!!!

Here’s where it applies to Washington.  If Healthcare here in the US is the best in the world, and you can beg to differ on this point since I’m sure you’ve been trying to move to Russia, France, the UK or Canada but they just won’t let you in, why fix it TODAY!?  Has anyone in DC or around the country noticed the spending and debt?  Ask me what debt, and our one sided debate will be concluded.  Next, tell me who championed the cause for HMO’s, the “enemy” in the Healthcare debate?  Now it’s time to make a bad situation worse.  And then worse again until there’s a “crisis.”  Then the fascist liberal Nazis can pull any Orwellian trick out of a hat to solve it.

RepubliCrats need to go home.  Term limits will save Washington and the US.  Power and the almighty re-election will no longer be a reason to go to or stay in Washington.

…so thanks for the prompting.  I’ve been meaning to rant on that for a while. :)


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