Political Parties in the United States

II  Early Nonpartisanship

The framers of the United States Constitution made no provision in the governmental structure for the functioning of political parties because they believed that parties were a source of corruption and an impediment to the freedom of people to judge issues on their merits. James Madison argued in his The Federalist “No. 10” paper against a system in which “factions” (his word for parties) might be able to seize control of the government. George Washington, in accordance with the thinking of his fellow Founding Fathers, included in his Cabinet men of diverse political philosophies and policies, rather than narrow his choices to those of a single political outlook.

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Not that I am as astute as one of the Framers, but I think many of us came to this realization, if not this year, rather recently.  Many Democrats may have had their eyes opened earlier this decade while it took last year's (2008) election cycle and aftermath to realize that it’s one big happy family in Washington DC.  The Two Party system is really just one BIG Party…and We’re paying the bill.

Yeah, yeah, I’m trying to make a T-Shirt slogan, and maybe not even doing a great job at it, but, hey, I’m not Ronald Reagan…I just like to share my views when I think I’m Right and want to find people who agree with me.  In this case, I really rather care NOTHING for people who don’t.  If we’re after the same thing(s), we can work together to bring about the rebirth of freedom FROM tyranny in Washington and then we can debate how to fix the rest of the country…WITHOUT the Government getting in the way.


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