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Saturday, August 08, 2009
Associated Press

OAKLAND, Calif. —  Police in Oakland say an 11-year-old boy has been shot in the face while playing with a gun he found.

KTVU-TV reports that the boy was taken Friday night to Oakland's Children's Hospital with injuries to his left eye and cheek. Police say he also may have lost a thumb.

They say the boy and a friend found a sawed-off 20-gauge shotgun in the garage of an apartment building. They say one boy was playing with the trigger and the other was holding the barrel when the gun went off and fired birdshot.

Police Sgt. Dave Cronin says it appeared the gun was being stored in the garage and that the owner kept it for self-protection.

Authorities are seeking the gun's owner, who may face charges in the incident.

People aren't stupid.  However, the ACLU, ACORN, and Progressives will not see the story the same way if two idiot kids found a lawn mower, pitch fork, chainsaw, or a bowling ball fell off a shelf.  Three people were stupid here.  Can it be made worse by knee-jerk reactions to something like this…yes it can.  Kids should learn gun safety, but only if their parents allow it.  But they should also be taught Common Sense.  I know of a drunk cop who did something similar, pulling a loaded shotgun from someone’s hands.  Well, we’ll never really hear his side of the story.

Oh, to my first point People are Stupid because Mom and Dad aren’t involved enough in education, whether by choice, or because the Statists want to dumb us down for their Animal Farm like takeover.  If political ideology was going to play a part in this country’s education system, it should be taught with FULL disclosure.  Why are my kids subjected to AlGore’s “An Inconvenient LIE?”  Since AlGore is a complete moron, almost as bad as Jimmeh Cahtah, and Mr. Biden, why would I want my kids being taught that his spew is “proof” of anything.  Luckily my kids were born with a brain and the ability to reason.

Let’s take a step back, look at the Progressive agenda and play book that is wide open for the world to see, and CRUSH them.  They all deserve the same thing…to live in a Communist Society like Cuba, and NOT here in the greatest nation on Earth.

Liberty to All, and God Bless.


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