Simply put, elect a TEA Party coalition this November and make a veto-proof majority out of the House and Senate.  Since anything that is DONE today cannot be undone without the States or the President’s help, it’s pretty obvious why they’re cramming everything now.

It’s time to get the “Contract with America” mindset again.  This time, we need to do away with ALL career politicians.  George Washington didn’t need a term limit to leave and remember folks, he could have been King George if he wanted it.  But today, the BASTARDS don’t get the hint.  The machine puts morons on ballots, morons go to the polls and vote for them, and what do you think we’re going to get???  That’s rhetorical so don’t wait for an answer.  Yeah, if I vote for them I am one as well.  I hope it isn’t too late to change.

For all of the caucuses in DC today we need just one to make a real difference, the TEA Party Caucus.  Right now, real conservative Democrats, Independents, and Republicans can start it and sign up others.  Take a pledge and, don’t worry, we can hold their feet to the fire.  Come November, we can score them and vote IN the RIGHT folks and get rib of the riff-raff.  After WE the PEOPLE are heard; the Constitution restored; IRS, Dept. of Education, and other illegitimate agencies are abolished, then they can consider leaving office or installing Term Limits.

My agenda is Term Limits first, just in case anyone asks, but I know there are more pressing matters that could make that fight moot very soon.

At the very least, anyone who has NOT upheld their oath of office to protect the Constitution should be jailed, then officially removed from office.  Today would be good time for that to start.

Thank you for considering my rant.  Valid comments, pro or con, will be considered and approved.


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