Replayed from: The Nation’s Gun Show

Why do most law abiding citizens who carry guns not worry about crime?  Because most live in States where the 2nd Amendment is still the rule of law.  Because most can carry guns without worry about prosecution due to unconstitutional laws.  I’m pretty sure a business or individual has the right to refuse entry to a building or residence to any weapon or individual who carries one, don’t you?  I believe the Constitution, however, gives us the right to possess “arms” without government interference.  Many people, mostly without merit, believe they have the right to hunt, but not to carry a weapon for self-defense.  OK, Defense is the primary reason for a weapon, and a military, for that matter.  Hunting should be available for necessity and if individuals so desire, as long as it doesn’t interfere with others’ rights.  Hunting for food or clothing was not a reason for the 2nd Amendment.  Please check for yourself.

If we can get the “common sense” myth about “Gun Control equals lower crime” out of the way, then we can work on the myth that hunting is what is protected in the US Constitution.  A Free Society and Representative democracy is protected by the “the right of the People to keep and bear arms”.


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