Here’s a headline that caught my attention.

China warns against Obama-Dalai Lama meeting

It has finally come to this.  China OWNS Obama, as it owns most of the US (or that’s what it seems.)

Quick solution:

  • Destroy China?! I don’t think so, even if we wanted to, it was practical, and they’re as bad as we think.

  • Stop paying them back!? No again.

  • What about the UN!?!  There’s a joke in there somewhere.

No, nothing that simple.  It’s as if I just realized that my kid’s cell phone bill is way out of control, and it’s my fault, so I’m embarrassed and don’t know where to turn.  The simple answer, on the cell phone issue, is take away the cell phone.  With China, it’s like Washington is our child and the cell phone bill is thousands of times larger than our own mortgage.  That’s embarrassing.  So sit back, here’s the answer…or at least the start of one.

Start by telling China to “Shut the F… Up!!!”

Next, either throw ALL of the “Bums” out of Washington or sit down and let them know they are all going to be out of work this coming November, so that they should start looking for a new job NOW!!!  Anything illegal will put them in jail, so be careful.  Fire everyone from useless, bloated Departments such as Education, Labor, Transportation, Energy, Agriculture, HHS; and dozens of Commissions and Committees.  Oh, and with no “employees”, close them all.  Of course, what happens when these useless, bloated entities stop spending money? We will have just increased the unemployment roles.  That’s scary, isn’t it?  Then we’ll need to get business back in full force, so cut the capital gains taxes and income taxes.  You think to yourself, why would that help these people who were working for these useless, bloated agencies?  I don’t think it would but anyone with marketable skills could find work, get some additional training and find a job, or just start a business.  The rest, why would we really care!?  If they had no skills why were they working for US in the first place, and why were we paying them???

Libtards and Progressives, get off the manure pile you’ve created and start making America Great again.  Yes, I mean move to Cuba.  Or maybe take your bleeding hearts to Mexico and help them out, and bring a few million expatriates with you while your at it.  But stop screwing us over.  Your days are numbered anyway.  You won’t win by “Evolution” since we’re awake now, and “WE” would kick your A$$es if you attempted a Revolution.

Now, as I said, this is just a start.  Few believe this is even possible, but how did the U.S. survive so long without all of the NEW and IMPROVED entitlement programs, Departments and agencies, only to get MORE screwed up after each and every one was tried?  Everyone know by now that most of the Federal Government bloat was create to “slowly” take over the government and expand it to the point where all of our lives are completely controlled by these institutions.  So, like an eye-sore of an old fence we’ve inherited from the previous owners, it’s time to take it down…all of it, and get back to where we are thriving again in Liberty, in Commerce, and in Health.  We can then pay our debts and leave the rest of the world to fend for themselves.  Oh yeah, the UN…Relic.  Send it to Europe where it belongs and stop giving them my money.


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