When I’m President, I will Defend and Protect our borders, remove illegal aliens (that’s people who are here without following the rules for you Progressives out there), Promote English as our NATIONAL LANGUAGE (not that I use it perfectly everyday), Abolish the IRS, Dept. of Education, among others.  States’ Rights will be returned although the Federal Government had not justification for taking them in the first place.  I will promote term limits for Congress (House and Senate) and for the Judiciary.  I will undo all the damage caused by past indiscretions by BO, GWB, BC and return the Presidency to it’s honored role.  Specifically, I will prioritize removing the Czaristocracy since it is unconstitutional.  Stop spending money on ANYTHING created by FDR or Barrack Obama.  I will help repeal “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” or any other senseless Progressive legislation or considered legislation.

Supreme Court Justices who abandon the Constitution should be removed, disbarred, and imprisoned.  Why is it that Progressive Judges can vote against the Constitution and any precedent that does not fit their agenda, but once new law (or new precedent) is created from the bench, the rest of us use it as legal precedent to judge future generations?  Let’s repeal ALL illegitimate legislation created by the courts, and remove those simply through term limits if they will not be removed directly by legal means.

Republicrats’ days are numbered.  I will support a NEW party made up of Republicans, Democrats, Liberals (well maybe not Liberals), Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents, Right to Lifers, and anyone that thinks the two party system controlling our government for generations is ready to be abolished.  One new party in 2010 will send a pointed message to Washington insiders to go home.  Peal back the onion and you will see deal after deal after deal, one party or the other, one special interest after another.  I don’t want money or power, but once people in Washington get it, even if they didn’t cherish it, they have become consumed with it.  Why do Congressmen and Congresswomen constantly run for re-election?  Why are Senators so OLD???  How is this the norm and a know nothing, inexperienced, unprincipled, statist, teleprompter reading, walking infomercial, community agitator get elected President?

I want to see Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin as President.  I want to see new solutions including dismantling the Federal and State Bureaucracies and entitlement jobs for Millions of government workers who would otherwise be creating something useful or sitting at home on their couches.  If they decide not to take on this enormous challenge, and even if they do, I will be prepared to take the reigns from them.  Many people have their own personal agendas, but as President I will protect our sovereignty, shrink and limit the scope of the federal government, and restore honor lost over the past several decades only hinted at by Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

Yes, I consider myself conservative.  I believe that our country is great.  I watch Fox News and listen to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.  I admire Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter and Alan Keyes.  I attended the April 15th Washington DC “Tax Day” Tea Party, in the pouring rain, while on vacation…and would do it again.  Don’t think of this as a short rant or useless information.  It’s just a starting point. Somehow we NEED to take back the government from the Elite in Washington.  They need to be replaced by real Americans who know real people.  DC is full of garbage, let’s dump it…recycle it, together.


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